To Infinity and Beyond: Welcome to the Future of Surfing

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surf bindings

Do you want to learn how to boost? Don’t you just hate it when you can’t land an air because the wind isn’t blowing in your favor? Well thanks to our friends at Surf Liberations Inc., a solution to our problems have been addressed. The Fuegz Binding System allows a rider to stay attached to his or her board with ease through the help of this magnetic binding system. The binding system produces upwards of 180lbs of magnetic force between the rider and the surfboard. The result is an increase in stability and board control. This allows the rider to pump down the line faster, throw more power into hacks, and punting it to the moon without the struggle of keeping the board under one’s feet.

surfing binding

The Fuegz Binding System is very simple, consisting of two components. The track system is applied to the surfboard with adhesive (similar to traction pads) at the location of the rider’s preferred foot placement. The second component is a magnetic foot binding that the rider straps onto their feet. But don’t worry the Fuegz Binding System is designed to release quickly at the command of the rider.


Due to the innovation of the New Jersey based company, Surf Liberation Inc., the sport of surfing will be taken to new heights. You thought Kelly Slater’s 540 was pretty nuts, right? Well the Fuegz Binding System will help surfers conduct bigger and better aerials that will blow Kelly Slater’s air out of the water.

Still skeptical? Then go grab a pair from Fuegz and test out their state of the art Surf Binding System for yourself. You may never go back to traditional surfing becase this ground-breaking surfboard binding system is indeed fuego.

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