American Wave Machines & Surf’s Up NH | World's Largest Standing Wave Machine

Posted: Nov 27,2013 Written by  AWM

Pre Launch Session. Video: AWM
American Wave Machines and Surf’s Up NH have announced that the first dedicated surf park in North America will soon be opening 30 minutes outside of Boston in Nashua, NH. From gentle whitewater waves to 6 foot barrels the new SurfStream at Surf’s Up NH will keep everyone stoked. 

Testing of the world’s largest standing wave machine was completed last week along with several East Coast surfers including Rob Kelly, Chris Kelly, Michael Powell, Ben Powell, Jared Veltsos, and a van full of Eastern Surfing Association groms.

I left each session riding this wave feeling stoked, which is the same feeling I spend so much of my time and money chasing waves around the world to get. Its the reason anyone that surfs is so addicted and the fact that this wave replicates even just that aspect of surfing alone makes it a homerun in my eyes.“ – Rob Kelly, Pro Surfer & Billabong Team Rider

“This is the first of a series of our small footprint indoor surf parks opening in North America in the coming months and adding to our growing worldwide commercial surf park network.” – Bruce McFarland – President & Founder of American Wave Machines