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November Nor'easter - Cape May Surf Photos

November Nor'easter - Cape May Surf Photos by Matt Ciancaglini

Fun sized medium period swell from Hurricane Bertha lit up the East Coast all day on Wednesday August 6th. While not huge, most spots in the mid-Atlantic saw chest-head high surf with occasional overhead sets. Warm water and light winds made it a great day of surfing, although spots like Manasquan Inlet had crowds pushing capacity. Here's a look at some submitted shots from our website community. 

With only just a few weeks into Spring, New Jersey surfers haven't had much to complain about.  Consistent, back-to-back swells helped even the busiest people get some waves!  The weather and water temps have been warming up and the stoke factor of summer being just around the corner is at an all time high! Especially after the winter we just had...  For those that had a chance to pull off a few double surf sessions...We salute you! 

The first day of Spring turned out to be another phenominal day for New Jersey surfers. Stiff offshore winds, good tides and warm air temps made the consistent head high surf very inviting. New York and other parts of the NE had their moments, but the Jersey Shore was the place to be. 

Southern California has been having an exceptional late winter. On the 1st day of March, the surf forecast for LA, OC and San Diego predicted the biggest swell of the season. That was an understatement. This swell event turned out to be the biggest day in 30 years!

Most surf spots were windy and maxed out, but a select few breaks had offshore/sideshore winds. In most cases, many surfers made the paddle out as the swell was building (some by the skin on thier teeth).

Here is some footage of what happened when the cleanup sets came through and how good some of the points were reacting!

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A-frames at Scripps

3/2/14 ~ La Jolla surf photos by Cicero
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