A Pumping Swell At The Most Crowded Wave in the World...


Think Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson miss not being in South Africa right about now? Well, maybe a little, considering J-Bay seems tailor-made for both of them and was always one of their strongest events on tour. But while retirement means they'll forever miss out on favorite events, on the flip-side it also means that they'll never have to miss another firing swell at home, especially a swell like this one from a few days ago: A rare, off-season purple blob that sent powerful surf straight at the Superbank. While Fanning and Parko were the obvious standouts on this (fairly crowded-looking) day--taking off deeper behind the rock than anyone else in the edit above--the local crew got their fair share of pumping 10-second tubes. Check the dude in the last clip, starting at 5:22, standing straight and soul arching through two sections of a cartoonish-looking Snapper pit. If that's not the wave of his life, well, we'd like to see what is. Click play, be jealous. Then go surf.


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