A Week In Noosa | The Sound Of Change


It kind of all happened last minute, like most good things do. We had a bunch of the Rhythm team emailing in from all over saying their flights were booked and they’ll be here in Noosa come February, coinciding with the Noosa Festival of Surfing. Jordan Spee, already there, Hudson Ritchie, fresh out of Cali, Ambrose McNeil, in the van waiting and Eurico Romaguera, Portugal’s finest, all booked in and en route to Noosa.

What ensued? Well, one can easily guess it had something to do with surfing, drinking beer, partying, laying down hungover, surfing some more, drinking again and eventually ordering seconds at Betty’s Burgers, and to be truthful, I’d say you’re pretty spot on.

Surfing: Jordan Spee, Hudson Ritchie, Eurico Romaguera & Ambrose McNeill
Video Footage: Jay Button
Editor: Nicolas Podesta
Additional Footage: Kane Lehanneur

Music: 'Chestnut Trees and Bumblebees' by Satan's Pilgrims, 'Vortex Beyond' by Man Or Astro-Man? and 'Baby What's Wrong' by The Come N' Go