Ry Craike Hunts Tubes In Southern Australia


Piling into a ’89 Nissan Urvan in footloose fashion, Ry Craike hit the road last month with his girlfriend and trusty canine companion, Nea. The three traveled the 3100-kilometer coastline from the small town of northwest Kalbarri to the virgin territory of southeast Adelaide in search of good, empty waves.

“You don’t need a lot of money to get out of your backyard and have the time of your life,” says Craike. “The number of characters that took us in when we needed to shower and made us feel at home is something I will never forget. Hopefully, I can return the favor one day. Coming from the outback I felt this special connection with people who are from a similar background. No matter how big Australia is, we all seem to be connected one way or another.”

Armed with only a GoPro and iPhone, the edit above is mostly a collection of footage shot early in his trip, and a couple clips at the end showcasing the southern stretch. Below are outtakes from the month-long excursion featuring both the beauty and adventure of what VanLife Australian-style really looks like.