FST vs. TimberTek vs. LFT - Exploring the Tomo Evo from the inside (and the Sci-fi, Omni and more)


The Slater Designs Sci Fi, and Omni, as well as other boards designed by Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson are made in a range of Firewire Technologies, from Future Shapes to Linear Flex to Timbertek. This video explains the difference between each Firewire Tech, and illustrates how the way a surfboard is built can impact your surfing, just as the way its shape does.

All three of the Firewire techs in this video are seen in a range of shapes from Jon Pyzel to Rob Machado and Slater Designs, in shapes like the Pyzalien, Slab and Almond Butter and Creeper.

Which Firewire tech is your favorite?