Surfer Magazine's Clips of the Month!


It seems like there was a week in July, 2018 when everywhere in the world had really good waves. Puerto Escondido was maxing while, on the other side of Earth, Teahupo’o heaved. But with the largest swell in recorded history hitting Indonesia last month, the double-ups that steamrolled through Nias stole the show. It wasn’t all organic hammers though-the synthetic swells engineered at the pool in Waco, Texas continued to foster the fast-paced progression of technical above-the-lip surfing.

Enjoy the Top-10 clips of July, 2018 above. Check out each clips’ credits and full-length counterparts in the links below and stay-tuned for next month’s all-killer no-filler clip recap.

#1 Kipp Caddy | Nias

Filmed by Justin Buulolo

#2 Tikanui Smith |Teahupoo

Filmed by Ryan Moss

#3 Nathan Florence | Nias

Filmed by Igor Hossmann

#4 Matt Bromley | Nias

Filmed by Bruno Lemos

#5 Koa Rothman | Nias

Filmed by Jack Germain | 3:09

#6 Eric Geiselman | Waco, Texas

Filmed by Sam Moody

#7 Jake Marshall | Waco, Texas

Filmed by Clayton Burns | 6:44

#8 Matehau Tetopata | Teahupoo

Filmed by Ryan Moss

#9 Francis Ferraras | Puerto Escondido

Filmed by Jaciel Santiago

#10 Cam Richards | Indonesia