IRMA 9-9-17


Me and the newest Inductee into the "East Coast Hall Of Fame" Kevin F. Grondin went south to meet up with the first swell from Hurricane IRMA.The water was warm and green, and the boys were all over it. The surfers that I know who appear in this film are: Kevin Grondin, Kody Grondin, Robbie Goodwin, Sam, Liam, Jared Veltsos, Max Fatello, and Jesse Gould. The music is by my old band SEMPER FI and it was recorded back in 1986 on a 4-track machine in our rehearsal place. The songs are GIMME SHELTER and DON'T GIVE UP (an original song I wrote). The musicians in this version of Semper Fi are :Ralph Fatello guitar and lead vocals, Rich Appel bass and backing vocals, Eric Brown drums and backing vocals, and Greg Lyons keyboards.