From Darkness


From Darkness
A pre-dawn collab between Craig Anderson, Steve Wall, and Dave Fox

“The idea to do this was mostly about the photography,” says Craig Anderson, when asked about how this pre-sunrise short came to be. “The photographer, Steve Wall, came to me and wanted to bring this mega flash out to a wave that I really enjoy surfing. We did it twice—it was just a matter of paddling out in the dark and letting Steve and Dave [Fox] take care of the rest.”

So, was it spooky surfing in the dark, in cold water, and at a wave that breaks nowhere near the beach?

“It wasn’t too bad, actually,” Craig continues. “The sharky sorta aspect is always there, it’s hard to squish that thought, but it’s not too bad at that spot. So I felt good about it. Being out there was mesmerizing when the sun was coming up. That wave breaks at the end of this peninsula and sits about 200 meters off the shore. It’s a wave I’m infatuated with surfing, it comes in off a deep ledge and does this crazy wedge. The angles, and the shapes of the wave—especially in the early morning—are incredible. Just so beautiful looking. It’s best at 3- to- 4 foot, and it’s more of a bodyboard wave. We only just recently started surfing it, actually. It’s a quick barrel, and sometimes it has huge ramps, but it’s super exciting to surf. This was a fun project to be a part of.”