LOST.TV - CORY LOPEZ - BEST BARREL - '09 Surfer Poll Video Awards

by Guest
Cory Lopez won the "Best Barrel" in the video awards for one of his super long multiple barrel waves at "that Africa left" in 5'5" x 19 1/4 Redux. The video guy never gets any credit so we would like to thank Cory's long time friend Jason Hatch, who got the clips of Cory and had to sit on the beach all day watching his friends get barreled out of their minds. Stay posted to lostenterprises.com for Cory's winning wave to be posted once our web/video guy stops patty caking with our riders. 5'5" x 19 1/4 Redux was nominated for "Movie of the Year" - along with One Track Mind, The Present, BS and the really really new Billabong video Still Filthy - which ended up winning. We're sure that the movie is really sick and has the best waves and the best surfing and the best cinematography but we wouldn't actually know because no one has actually seen it. We heard from all the groms who got a sneak peak that they copied the music from 5'5 Redux for the Rastovich section. Real original to jump on any and everything trendy Rasta! Hows that holograph sticker workin for ya anyway? We thought "the Present" was going to win. Joe and Mike who made 5'5 really aren't video makers, but for the guys who are and made one of the movies that actually was released before the deadline I would be bummed at the corporate animals (Surfer and Billabong) that steamrolled their shot at furthering their career and the chance to allow surfers to see more real surf movies instead of premeditated soul-less shameless personality devoid promotion of some of the worlds best surfers for the purpose of selling clothes to Abercrombie and his brother Fitch. Maybe people are starting to understand why Taylor Steele has supposedly prohibited Surfer from even nominating or featuring his videos. Beyonce's video was better than all of them and by not having hers or Kanye's video win the Surfer Poll has pretty much lost its credibility. We were going to run up to the stage but once the room went silent (in a seeming show of mass embarrassment to the people who actually released a movie before the awards) when they announced the winner, a stronger statement had already been made. And while we're at it - by the time Fanning got 4th in the "Surfer Poll" we thought for sure Gorkin was going to get 3rd but Dane Reynolds beat him out. It was worth the disappointment though to hear Dane's speech in which he ended with - "I would like to thank Strider for looking up that girl's skirt in On The Road With Spike". Speaking of 4th or 3rd - Coco Ho busted into the Top 5 of the girls Surfer Poll and looked absolutely stunning.