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LOST.TV - Comment on Surfermag.com message board from Joshmosh: "Shawn Briley... they said that he paddled out at Pipe, caught the wave of the day (or season), went in after 1 wave, and yelled "MAD SKILLS!!" at everyone on the beach, then walked away. 100% Ballz to the wall!!! Anyone remember which lost videos he was in?". Somehow Shawn doesn't have anything on YOUTUBE so here's a couple of his Pipe bombs from ..Lost Across America Vol. 1 - the last one is his "Mad Skills" wave. Briley was the one that introduced Biolos and Reola when he and Mike left HB (both on vacation there for the summer of '89) and moved to San Clemente to stay on the floor at Bill Woodcock, Cameron Steele and Tonan's house.