Made in Australia - Surfing's Final Frontier: The West - Chapter 2


You call that a wave? This is a wave... "Made In Australia" is back with another episode that points west. Forget about the wineries and artisans of Margaret River, if you want to meet the true wildmen of West Australian surfing you need to head north, way north, to where desert meets ocean, and life gets a little raw. There's not much more than salt air and red dirt where Ry Craike and Kerby Brown hail from, but they're more than fine with that.

If you like slabs heaving over sharks and sharp reefs, then the boys will like you too. They're like their mates Jay Davies and Dino Adrian, who pay the north-west a visit in this clip to join in the fun. It's Croc Dundee goes surfing, and the boys wouldn't have it any other way.