OSMO THROMBO - The Lo-Fi B-Movie Of Hi-Fi Shredding


OSMO THROMBO... The lo-fi, cult, surf action, adventure, dramatic, sci-fi, fantasy, bro-mantic, comedy, feel good, B-movie of outer limits hi-fi shredding, and interstellar tube time with Ozzie Wright, Mitch Coleborn & Noa Deane on a feverish trip that quickly unravels into the most bizarre experience of their lives… and ultimately a mission to rescue Mitch. Based on a real life happening documented by Nate Leal, Mikey Mallalieu & Tom Carey, heavily tweaked by Ryan Thomas.

Executive Produced by Brad Dougherty and Ryan Immegart
Produced by Richie Olivares, Tom Carey and RT


Stan Smiley – “Lotta Wholes”
Courtesy of Ruta Suicida

Here Lies Man – “Belt of the Sun Interlude”
Courtesy of RidingEasy Records

Here Lies Man – “When I Come To”
Courtesy of RidingEasy Records

Stan Smiley – “Lotta Lasers”
Courtesy of Ruta Suicida

Here Lies Man - “So Far Away”
Courtesy of RidingEasy Records

Here Lies Man – “Here Lies Man”
Courtesy of RidingEasy Records

Distractor - “Devotion”
Courtesy of Burger Records

Tracy Bryant – “Devotion” (cover)
Courtesy of Burger Records

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