The Winter Session 2016 Highlights


Heavy waves, thick wetsuits and rugged souls stand tall in The Winter Session highlights from 2015 / 2016. This was damn tough to pull together – the quality of edits submitted was next level, the standard of surfing exceptional and the amount of entries record breaking. Every edit was worthy of inclusion.

Our four and a half minute highlight reel epitomises everything The Winter Session is about. Cold, brutal waves. The winning session from Noah Lane is joined by Nic Von Rupp's ridiculous barrel, Vincent Duvignac's ridiculous barel (you get the picture), Miguel Blanco in the pit and behind the spit and Ben Skinner's all-time Leven session – it's all there. We included the States for the first time this year (but only the wintery areas above 35 degrees north). Strong participation from the East Coast contingent was defined by Brett Barley and Sam Hammer wrangling murky kegs. But you all ruled, the choices here meant splitting water droplets.

Most importantly thanks again to all the surfers, film-makers, editors and producers who took the time to get involved. Thank you.

Ultimately, there could only be one winner and Noah Lane (shot by Guy Mac) took home that $20,000 cheque – as voted for by the finalists from each month. Knowing he'd not be able to resist the lure of free tickets we hijacked Ireland's Shore Shots Festival to pull off the big reveal in front of all his mates. A huge thanks to the organisers and Monster Energy and SWELL for partnering up and facilitating it. Plans for this year year are already afoot and expect more to come on that at a later date.

Featured in this edit
Surfers: Noah Lane, Nic Von Rupp, Vincent Duvignac, Brett Barley, Ben Skinner, Tom Casse, Shane Burn, Jobe Harriss, Brad Domke, Pedro Boonman, Fred Compagnon and Miguel Blanco.

Filmers/editing/producers: Guy Mac, Luis Bento, Pedro Miranda, Nuno Dias, Ludovik Champagne, Jacob Laham/Brown Bear Visuals, Joel Gray, Ian Mitchinson, Humberto Santos, Jeffrey O'Neil, Chris Levi, Daniel Neves, Máquina Voadora, Tom Casse and Fred Compagnon.

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