Year End Swell

For the second Sunday (or is it the third ?) in a row, SToNeY PoiNT on Lake Superior was graced with some fairly decent waves and relatively clean conditions. 

But this weekend the forecast here in Northern Minnesota was for double digit below zero temperatures (.... more than Thirteen Below Zero) and maybe enough off shore wind to create wind chill factors of -30F and maybe down to -50 F ....tricky to measure that stuff on your standard thermometer.......and the steam fog from the lake amazed us and frustrated the camera focus making the recording of this day a challenge as well.

...knowing that the water still felt super warm by comparison at 38F, the crew gathered in the line-up and shared waves from sun up to sundown. Tempting hypothermia and the limits of cold weather surf survivability.....what a relaxing way to spend the last Sunday of 2013.

Thankyou to everyone in, and around, and who made this vid short possible, especially Hunter/ Man of the Camera ....

...of course we don't own this music, so Please may we borrow ? and Thankyou Very Much for the share ....

Music by 'Evanescence' album: ' Fallen ' Dwight Frye Music Inc. (BMI)