Hit & Run: The Casual Side of Irish Wave Country


Filmer Alex Laurel skips over to Ireland to tag along with Conor Maguire for a late season swell chase, from Mullaghmore to a few other choice Irish slabs.

Featuring: Conor Maguire.

Ireland isn't all massive slabs and sheer terror. On a recent fun-sized swell, local Conor Maguire showed visiting pros like American Rob Kelly the casual side of Irish wave country. It started out big. The initial forecast hinted at big Mullaghmore. But when the day arrived, there was a lot of wind, making for an ugly, not to mention dangerous, run at what's one of Ireland's fiercest slabs. Not to be deterred, Conor Maguire grabbed filmers Alex Laurel and Clem McInereny and headed to one of Ireland's many other fantastic waves on the north-west coast.