Escape To Bali with Michelle Desbouillons


"This was the simplest place I've ever stayed in in my life. The bungalows were made of bamboo and wood, super crooked. The stairs were frighteningly steep. And once you scaled the stairs, you had to have the courage to enter the bathrooms. There was no flush system so we had to use buckets. Electricity was generated through a generator that was only turned on at night for the ceiling fan.

You have to really love surfing to spend 7 days here...
Compensating this lack of basic western luxuries: the nature is virgin, the beach is beautiful, and the waves have the most beautiful and perfect lines I have ever seen. They are super shallow, made for fast tubes, difficult and challenging. The cuts on my feet are already countless, I would get a new one each day. Despite all that, a smile never left my face and this place is now one of my favorites in the world."

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Video by Hannah Anderson
Music : Apollos Party by Zippidy Doda

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