Hawaii Tides with Alessa Quizon - Part 3


We’re always down to take the scenic route, and when it’s in search of waves and local Hawaiian, Alessa Quizon, is leading the gang, you follow the tides and know it’s going to be a good time.

We packed up the car on the North Shore, threw in the boards, grabbed our girls Pacha Light and Macy Callaghan, and headed to the west side of O’ahu and Alessa’s hometown. Before checking the surf at Alessa’s favorite surf spots and slipping on our swim we took a quick detour and added Ha’a Keaulana to our lineup, because no visit home would be complete without bringing your best friend along for the ride.

A quick surf check at nearby, Makaha with waves firing, we were ready for a bit of action, and so we went to the water with the tide on our side.

After surfing Makaha, the girls head to the 'end of the road' as the locals refer to a hidden spot away from the crowds to kick back and soak in some rays post surf in one of Alessa's favorite hometown hang spots.

They ended the day on the west side enjoying farm grown organic eats & a sunset session with the girls. Mahalo to Alessa for showing us you home!

Alessa Quizon
Macy Callaghan
Pacha Light

Guest Appearance:
Ha'a Keaulana

Universal Production Music
Track: My Religion is love
Artist: Les Vegas



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