Empty In Indo, With Marlon Gerber


On a big swell earlier this season, Marlon Gerber and Mikala Jones left Bali in search of something better. "I don't really surf much in Bali anymore," Gerber told us. "At this point in my life, it's been more about going on adventures, and the waves along the way are just a bonus."

On this particular strike mission, after scoring a day at the well-known wave they'd hoped for, Jones faceplanted the reef, ending his trip, and sending him home to Bali. So the next morning, on a dropping swell, Gerber and photographer Scotty Hammonds decided to cruise around the island and see what other waves they might find.

"I'd never surfed that wave before, I didn't even know it existed." Gerber continued. "And while I always prefer to surf with at least one friend, I enjoyed surfing alone that day. It was definitely a dream session. And the best part, I actually got it even better about a month later when I went back."