The Tubefest of Desert Point


The world's most perfect reef rolls out the barrels as Leonardo Fioravanti, Lee Wilson, Chris Ward and friends dine out in style.
Scoring perfect waves at Desert Point in Indonesia is up there with death and taxes as one of life's certainties, and infinitely more pleasurable an experience to boot. While the trek from Bali to Lombok can test your patience, and the on-site accommodation could generously be described as budget at best, there's only one room that matters at Bangko Beach, and that's the greenroom.

Leonardo Fioravanti, Lee Wilson and Chris Ward have road-tested waves the width of the planet and all list the long, roping lefthanders of Desert Point as among the finest. Alongside a rabble of local and underground chargers, nobody needs to be asked twice to make the trek across the Wallace Line should conditions look prime, and though the crowds can test even the most patient soul there is a magic that comes with scoring your slice of the action.

Such was the case earlier this season and our man Jimmy "Jazz Cat" Kinnaird, no stranger to the tube himself, was on the scene to capture all the action and compile the edit you see up top. Legendary photographer Peter "Bosko" Boskovich camped out on the point with Leo and the Quiksilver team, and his ever stellar pixel work leaps off the page to some extra sizzle...


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