Always on the road: Surf's up at the Algarve, Portugal


When you think about surfing destinations what location comes to your mind first? Most likely it's Australia; perhaps it's Hawaii or California. For Europeans those are a bit far - but in Europe, the good waves are actually only a short plane ride away. In the south of Portugal there is - what many believe - a surfer's paradise: the Algarve.

Mother Nature has equipped this region with two different coasts, the west and the south coast, which provide surfers with multiple wave opportunities. Whether you are looking for big, small, long or short waves - the Algarve and its 22-listed surf beaches offer waves for any level. Almost the whole year this area has summerlike temperatures, even during spring and autumn the temperature rarely drops below 20 °C.

This past June our agency organized a blogger trip to the Algarve on behalf of airberlin and the Algarve Promotion Bureau. Two of us stayed a bit longer to research the area and to produce this surfing film. Fortunately, we had the chance to meet and talk with local and professional surfers from the region and they gave us an exclusive insight into what makes the Algarve so special as a surfing destination.

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