Peruvian Lucca Mesinas took the win in "contestable" head-high surf at the 'QS last week on the Southwest corner of the island at Drill Hall Beach, St. Michael, Barbados. Meanwhile, during the contest, the Northeast side of the island saw the always fickle Soup Bowl funneling in the bulk of the swell.

And while it wasn't Kelly Slater in "Sipping Jetstreams" quality, Soup Bowl was plenty ripple. So while Lucas took out competitors round after round, the consolation prize for early exiters Eithan Osborne, Evan Geiselman, Kiron Jabour, Leo Fioravanti, Seth Moniz, Michael Dunphy, Victor Bernardo, and the rest of the crew who stayed on the island was the fun surf you see above in the latest Amp Sessions edit.