Disconnect - Duran Barr


After months of anticipation and pushed back departure dates Duran and I were set out for Indo. I had lots of expectations for my first trip to Bali and relied on Duran's 3 previous visits to guide me and share the knowledge for each zone. While heading out to Bali during the tail end of the season Duran's expectations for big swells was low, but meeting the right people, multiple surf checks at all the spots, and exploring some outside islands lead us to find some of Balis last nug's for the year. Our first priority for this trip was all business but with the lifestyle we live and the beauty of our destination we had to "disconnect" from outside influences and live by what a surf trip is all about. - Gunn

Surfer : Duran [email protected]_duranimal

Film/edit : Sean Gunn @runngunn