Iron Horse | #TheSearch by Rip Curl


A Journey to the Rugged Ends of the Earth

On the Search with South American slab hunters Bruno Santos and Guillermo Satt.

“We are in the middle of the Pacific, on a volcanic rock, getting bludgeoned by massive swells. We are, as remote, as you can get.”

That’s Australian photographer Ted Grambeau talking. If you know Ted Grambeau, then you’ll be able to hear the sound of his deep, rough, vaguely erratic voice; the volume rising with each syllable, the delivery slowing with each word, dragging out each sentence until you can almost feel their isolation.

Filmed and Edited by Jon Frank

Artist: The Sufferjets
Track: Boys In Beetle Boots

Artist: Thrupence
Track: White Kite

Field Notes 10

Field Notes 10

in SoCal
Flora in Lombok

Flora in Lombok

in Indonesia