Last Drinks


This is no Code Red, no nine-o's coming out of the closet with all pure pandemonium about some swell in another country. No, but this is all the thrills and spills from what will more then likely be the last large swell on the East Coast. Well at least until next years Autumn/Winter season graces us. We took local grommets Pama Davies and Monty Tait on a day mission to some slabs south of Sydney's CBD to reap the rewards and ended close to home for some beachy fun. Also featuring Blake Thorton, Luke Daniels, Jai Abberton and a bunch of other hell men enjoying the last glimpse of hope before 'spring time = sting time.'

EDIT - Nick Colbey

FILMED - Nick Colbey / Dom Sullivan

MUSIC - Magic America - I Thought I Told You