Letty Mortensen - Ōtepoti


Words by Letty Mortensen:


“I forget how lucky I am sometimes. I seem to always forget that I have budget for clips, I get home after chasing the WQS and realise ‘oh shit, I gotta chase some waves! I think that’s pretty cool.”


I call a friend in NZ, Jonas, who is on the Rusty program too, and he tells me there’s a little North-East swell hitting the mid-South Coast of Dunedin, which is rare for that time of year... Straight away, I call my good friend and filmer, Zac Heath, we book flights and leave the next day.


Surfing somewhere cold has been forever on my bucket list... putting on that 5mm wetsuit with a hood, gloves and boots was seriously the coolest thing ever. You kinda have to dig deep to get psyched to go surf because it’s that cold, or way colder than I’m used to surfing in Sydney. Lots of coffee, music and air punches to warm the body up.


We didn’t really get stand up toobs, but fuck I had fun!


Filmed by @zacheath


Music by @kinggizzard


Starring @letty_mortensen & @jonastawharu



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