Surfer Luke Campbell is Australia's Lord of the Drone. He's been our wings above NSW slabs and West Oz shark pools for a while now, and we see new angles of Australia's most mindsurfed breaks every time he puts out a clip. When Skeleton Bay's historic swell in June made the charts, the Margaret River native boarded a plane for Africa. You'd typically need a Land Rover and an open length of beach to keep up with these tube rides, but with a drone... only sky separates you from an uninterrupted clip of your dream barrel. Skeleton Bay has been a training ground for POV technique, but drone footage in Namibia is still relatively new, and Luke Campbell was one of the pilots flying the creative torch. Enjoy 113 seconds of beautiful Namibia aerial footage from Campbell -- and a POV jewel, too.

Filmed and edited by Luke Campbell

Kyle Jouras - Surfing in Santa Cruz

Kyle Jouras - Surfing in...

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