The Other Thing - Longboarding in Israel


After a couple of months filming longboarding here in Israel, I have come to realize that this is the ultimate tool for happiness here at the med sea! No more let downs in the mornings when the swell drops, from now on if it's small it's a celebration! :)

The idea for the project came from Shushu (Shachar Aharoni) and I'm so glad that I jumped on board. getting to know these true legends: Guy Hummel, Tzahi Haus, Hary Bell, Alon Lahak and Shachar Aharoni. It was a true joy to film you guys in our homespot and the other location. :)

Take a break from your day, and i hope you'll enjoy this video, and who knows…maybe get yourself a longboard for those small days that gets you frustrated on your shortboard haha ;)

Film & Edit: Noam Eeshel
Executive Producer: Shachar "Shushu" Aharoni

Iris Bell Trio - Something Else
Sam Prekop - Magic Step
Earl Zinger & Don Rogall - Gabba Gabba Hey