Was May The Most Progressive Month In Surfing Ever?


Gold Mine (Instrumental) by Gold Casino

1 Ramon Navarro. Cloudbreak, Fiji. Filmed by Taylor Curran

2 Albee Layer. Maui. Filmed by Dan Norkunas

3 Laurie Towner. Cloudbreak, Fiji. Filmed by Gary Parker

4 Seth Moniz Backflip. Waco, Texas. Filmed by Ryan Simalchik

#5 Danilo Couto Cloudbreak Fiji. Filmed by Owen Milne

6 Filipe Toledo. Rio Pro. Footage courtesy of the WSL

7 Eric Geiselman’s Ally-Oop. Keramas, Indonesia. Filmed by Victor Pakpour

8 Brett Barley. Outer Banks, North Carolina. Filmed by Jeffrey O’Neil

9 John John Florence. Rio Pro. Footage courtesy of the WSL

10 Jyoti Walker. Nias, Indonesia. Filmed by Jayden Morrison

Two Happy

Two Happy

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