Seems like the sand is still shifting from last year’s winter. Ask any SoCal surfer who put it all on the line during the ’15-’16 El Niño season, and chances are good their legs are phantom-burning at the thought of chasing waves up and down the coast and following barreling bread crumbs south of the border. Timmy Reyes and Alex Gray enjoyed El Niño to its fullest in their search for XL swell, but they couldn’t resist another trip to Baja last April, along with photographer Russell Holliday and filmmaker Taylor Curran, to pin down more sand-bottomed tubes before the season ended.

“I had a good feeling about this trip,” says Reyes. “We drove there all morning, we got there in the evening, and we essentially walked up to good waves. Around noon the next day, the tide was going lower and the swell was picking up. The first frontlines of the swell looked like a mixture of J-Bay with a super grinding barreling section at the bottom – but Baja style.”

“As the swell progressed on, the sand was moving really fast,” he continues. “We actually started at the top of the point and then followed the sand all the way down throughout the day. It almost didn’t feel real. Each day, there was a new sandbar forming. They were one-of-a-kind sessions.”

An iconic season, a hunch for groomed sands, marathon surfs at first light and then Cervezas at dusk – if there’s one edit today that will leave you dreaming of pointbreak bliss, this is it.

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