Howler Brothers Presents: Doce Días


Surfing is for fun, and life is too short to be taken too seriously (all the time).

Mexi Log Fest in La Saladita, Mexico is a glorious blend of waves, tacos, mezcal and dancinng with friends from around the globe. The event bills itself as a "Classic Longboard and Lifestyle Festival" but its so much more. It is truly one of the best hangs around. Consequently, we cannot resist making the pilgrimage each year to take it all in and link up with people from all walks of the surfing world.

This year, we sent down friend/filmmaker, Evan Adamson, to video his fellow Texans, Nate Floyd and Tegan Gainan, surfing and partaking all the other glories this fest has to offer. Here's a fun and quirky glimpse at the time they had south of the border.

Elevator to the Gallows - San Digeo 1/3/2021

Elevator to the Gallows -...

in SoCal