Nor'easter in New Hampshire / 10-28-18


Sunday October 28th, 2018 was a significant day for me and my fellow New Englanders. For starters, it was my late mother's birthday. She would have turned 91 had she beat cancer back in 2007. It was also the day the Boston Red Sox won the world series. But honestly, it was our first REAL NOR'EASTER of the Fall. And she did not disappoint us.

The Dark grayish brown barrels are the real visual treats in this clip. And the music is from my old band THE NOR'EASTER from 1990. The surfers in this clip put on a heroic show considering the death defying conditions. They are: Jared Veltsos, Jake Davidson, Kody Grondin, Max Fatello, Brian BMO Morse, and some Jersey guy.

Hope you like it. *My brother Johnny plays a hell of a solo in BLOW U DOWN and I play the solo in CROSS THAT BRIDGE. The EASTERS still kick ass!


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