The BEST OF 2016


What's there to tell? Lets face it, 2016 was one weird year. Personally, I'm glad it's behind us. All the celebs and sports figures dying off. It was crazy. However, during that awful year, there was some decent surf from January 2016 to December 2016. These are the best from each clip that I shot all year. The surfers are the usual lot. Kai Nichols, Kody Grondin, Jesse Gould, Weston Rogers, Max Fatello, Tom Hay, Mike Stanek, Mikey Evans, Mikey Moran, Casey Lockwood, Phil Carey, Dave Cropper, Matt Colby, Kevin Grondin, Tom Hay, Ryan Jackson, Johnny Meehan, Lenny Nichols, Markey J, Toby Parke, Kyle Linseman, Pev, Michael Kirby, and a bunch of others. Music is by Gary Hoey. Looking forward to 2017 and hoping it's better than this last year.