The SOU'EASTER October 30th, 2017


The wind howled all night. Gusts up to 70-75mph. hurricane force winds. Out of the south. Round these parts we call 'em "Sou'easters" like their brethren "Nor'easters"they can pack a wallop. Trees came down on homes and vehicles. We lost power. In fact, some are still without power. I know, we can't really complain knowing what's happening (still) in Puerto Rico. But, schools and businesses were forced to close. But the surf? Oh right, the surf. That was in a word INSANE. Double OH and bigger on the sets. Big howling offshore barrels. The crew was out and they were slaying the giants all day long. I shot hours worth of video, and honestly? This is not one of those quick 3-4 minute web edits. This is close to my old movies. You know, where you can actually watch an entire ride. The music fits. Tull, Beatles, Doors, and the original NOR'EASTERS doing "Jet Stream". I hope you like it. Oh and please, watch this on a lap top or a desktop. Them smart ass phones are not big enough in my honest opinion. Enjoy my friends.