Mikey C - East Coast Sessions


I couldn't even fathom how Mike finagled his way through this one, similar to many of these frigid-as-a-bitch, greasy East Coast sweepers he got fully blown out of. If you don’t know Michael Ciaramella yet, he is a wordsmith for Stab from New Jersey, currently residing in la la land. It all started for my ol’ pal Mikey with a last minute flight back home for “the swell of the century” and ended with Mike smacking his mallet amongst the claws of many a blue crab, swigging Natural Light, laughing inside I’d presume. But what happened in-between was fucking hardcore. Mr. Ciaramella nabbed arguably the best wave of each session, in each state, while sitting in his car between heaters and putting his head down into his phone/laptop and cranking out content for the viewing pleasure of the Stab audience. Somewhere about halfway through the journey and another winter storm later Mike was balls deep into a plethora of phone conversations with his bosses at Stab. I think they were talking about how Mike was supposed to go to Australia, but that never happened and he ended up staying for another day or two before he decided he’d had enough and headed back to sunny San Diego. Fuck ya Mike! Surf Journalism is not dead. - Brad

Art direction by Michael Hanley

Two Happy

Two Happy

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