Winter/Spring 2011 Edit *Unfinished*

As you can see from this video I barely captured anything decent so far this year. Gotta get out more but I'm almost always out on every swell and never have time to just devote a day to film minus one day last week that I was sick and couldn't paddle out. Almost everything you see here was taken before or after a session on the go. Had to have some fun today and get a little music video going.. so here is what I have so far. Hopefully I'll be able to complete it by the end of April. Days: January 16th January 25th (shot with my point and shoot Nikon @ dusk) January 27th (Big swell after a snowstorm) February 21st (barrel clip of me shot by Nick Walenty) February 26th (shot with my point and shoot Nikon) March 7th March 16th March 22nd