Potential Tropical Cyclone 10 goes Low | Brett Barley


I guess if storms are almost Hurricanes, but aren't, we call them Potential Tropical Cyclones now?
I don't know... But it sent 3 days of pumping waves, followed by a day of perfect leftovers, and 2 more days of fun surf. What a storm!

Tuesday, Aug 29, Potential Tropical Cyclone 10 spun over Hatteras Island, forming some crazy combo swell wedges. Getting under the ledge on the big ones was the task of the afternoon, and almost a completely unsuccessful one, aside from the one I got before dark.

Overnight, the Storm turned into a typical Low Pressure system, but blew up off New England, sending us back more swell than anticipated. Wednesday had running side shore drainers all day, then somehow we woke up Thursday and it was the biggest cleanest day of the swell! We found a mysto bar with no one out, and scored some really fun stand up tubes.

Friday was still a blast in the morning... And afterwards I called it quits for the swell even though Sat/Sun still had waves.

Cape Hatteras... When it's on, there's no where I'd rather be. And currently, there's no better time to be here.

EDITING: Brett Barley