Just Now//Jordy Smith

by J.R.

 A short surf film directed by Dane Staples starring professional surfer Jordy Smith.




Metallica, Motley Crue, Guns N Rosess, Led zeppelin, Ozzy, and a naked guy just now! Jordy just set the bar a little bit higher for surfing. This was filmed in between surfing all of the WSL tour events last year, and it's the best of what him and director Dane Staples shot compiled in to nineteen minutes. It's understandable that following in the foot steps of former pro's like Shaun Tomson, and Martin Potter could be a heavy weight to carry for our generations star from the region. Those guys were both doing things that at the time nobody was doing, and their legends for it. Jordy is one in the same by dominating competitive surfing and having so much style freesurfing. Im sure that everyone at home is proud of Jordy Smith for the type of person he is, and how incredible his surfing is. He carries on the legacy of absolutely captivating surfers coming from South Africa. The film makes me want to go surf.

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