Kelly Slater - A First Look at the Cymatic


Straight from Kelly: Cymatic(s) is the study of wave phenomena, especially sound, and their visual representations.

YouTube search it to see how the shapes that sounds of differing frequencies will create in sand on a metal plate (if you find the @slaterdesigns logo let me know the Hz frequency).

Daniel Thomson and I had this idea to make a board that fits the ‘vibration’ of a wave in our minds. The minimal amount of board to do the maximum amount of surfing.

We chopped the nose off ahead of the rail line you need and went with a pretty wide battail (like the SciFi model). With the added bite of the channels the tail still holds while giving plenty of lift.

This edit is from one session at Haleiwa in January. I actually took the board there as a joke that day cause it was too big for what I thought it could handle.

I got my best rides earlier that session but this Peter King edit gives you an idea. This is a four fin 5’3” X 18-5/8 X 2-5/16” X 25.5L.

I don’t want to ride anything else right now and everyone who rides it wants to take it off my hands.