Rob Machado Scoring Waves On His Single Fin


Today was about as random as it gets. I was initially going to film here this morning, and move down to another spot. Then saw what looked like Rob Machado and Todd Glaser walking out to the water, so I thought I'd stay a while and film. The conditions were on their way to getting good, but were still super fun to say the least. However, having good conditions isn't a requirement for Rob, with his skill and style, every wave turns to gold. Even the smallest, most formless wave becomes a thing of beauty when Rob's surfing it. Rob brought out his INT soft top single fin today, and was putting on a great show as always. On top of that, Todd Glaser was there front and center to fire off some shots of Rob scoring to golden nuggets. Todd seems to be the guy that's always in the right place at the right time. For a water photographer, it can be challenging to position yourself correctly on a wave to get that perfect shot, but for Todd that doesn't seem to be a problem. Make sure to swing over to Todd's Instagram feed, and see some of his amazing work. You won't believe the how he gets some of the shots that he has.