RVCA Team Shred the Waco Texas Wave Pool!


Straight airs. Tweaked airs. Air reverses. Spins. Grabs. Dirty little tubes. Punchy little sections. Over and over and over again, till your legs are burning and you need BBQ. This is the Waco experience, as recently enjoyed by the RVCA team of Luke Davis, Ford Archbold and Noah Beschen.

One other thing worth noting about the Waco experience: predictable, repeated waves don’t just allow surfers multiple chances to practice crazy new moves. They also allow photographers to visualize creative shots in advance and plan for exactly how they want a frame to look. There are few better surf photographers than Hawaii’s Zak Noyle, who was also on the trip, and used his creative vision to come up with some very unique shots.

Filmed: Blaine Suque; Water footage: Zak Noyle; Music: The Cairo Gang, “Be What You Are”.