Young Blood: Josh and Seth Moniz


Hawaiian brothers.

Separated in age by just over a year. Ruthless. Cutthroat. Savage. Out for blood. Known to trade blows. Charge big waves.

We’re not describing Seth and Josh Moniz.

Unlike Andy and Bruce, who were all of those things, Josh and Seth only share similarities with the Irons brothers in three ways: their closeness in age, their origin, and their fearlessness in f—ked up waves. (If you paid any attention to the North Shore the last six months, you saw them both hugely step up out at serious Pipe).

But the dog-eat-dog, beat-each-other-at-all-costs-and-maybe-even-get-in-a-physical-fight-later mentality? Josh and Seth don’t have that. During the above surf trip in Western Australia, after the first two big ‘QS events of the year in Manly and Newcastle, we sat the brothers down together to ask them a few things. For the most part, they were happy to talk, and had no problem answering our questions. But when the subject of besting each other came up — be it in a heat, freesurf, or out at big Pipe — they got awkward and uncomfortable. Because according to Seth: “We’re competitive and definitely push each other, but we’re nothing like the Irons brothers.”

Well, apart from the way they surf.

Two Happy

Two Happy

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