California - A Surfing Film - Part 1


California is a project that has footage from all my favorite surfing sessions over the last five years. Some new stuff, some old, but all recolored and remastered.

Surfers: Asher Pacey, Kilian Garland, Adam Lambert, Travers Adler, Luke Davis, Cory Arrambide, Trevor Gordon, Bobby Martinez, Dane Reynolds, Josh Kerr, Yadin Nicol, Nat Young, Timmy Curran

Film/Edit by Jeff Chavolla

Music by:

Ryan Little "Gotham, Lucys Song, Say Something"

The Brought Low "Motherless Sons"

Thanks for watching!

Magic Wind Event, Firing Waves, Rincon Goes Off! December 14th 2020

Magic Wind Event, Firing...

in SoCal