Chasing El Nino Episode 2


This is our second episode in our series "chasing el nino". In Chasing El Nino, we document what the El Nino winter means for surfers, our beaches and surrounding areas. At the end of the surf season we will be combining the best clips for a full length movie. 
Episode 2 features: Noah Collins, Tracey Meistrell, Derek Brewer, Matt Meistrell, Derek Levy, Daniel Del Castillo, Richard Silva, Chris Wells, Greg Browning, Matt Mohagen, Easton Jones, Matt Pagan, Cheyne Magnusson, Wil Reid, Dane Zaun and others. This was filmed mid January, 2016 throughout the South Bay region of Los Angeles. 
Music (in order) Kevin MacLeod- Dhaka, Vibe Tracks - Over Time, Silent Partner - Mob Battle, MK2 - Mean Streets.
Video produced by Brad Jacobson for Civic Couch