The Wedge Destruction 2017


The Wedge was pumping some of the most violent backwash I have seen in a long time. Grabbed my Camera and decided to try and get some Videos. Easily some of the best WEDGE footage I have taken. the Wedge is amazing and easily one of the craziest waves in The United States. this backwash turned the waves in to huge mountains of water rolling in. Such an amazing experience and I hope you like this edit as much as I liked being out there.

Song Artist: I AM Legion Noisia x Foreign Beggars
Song Title: Intro

Surfers include: Alex Johnson (@bisonbonesjones) Timmy Reyes (@timmymissions), Parker Cohn (@parkernicholas_)
Skimboarder: Morgan Just (@morganjust).
Bodyboarders: Unknown

Cover Photo Take By: Mason Muratalla (@mason.muratalla)
Can you see me getting my Shot? (third video of the edit)