Volcom's VQS Jersey Shore take over

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Volcom Stone's VQS Surf Series made its first East Coast stop on Sunday September 2nd at the ever eccentric Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. People came out by the thousands and the groms showed up ready to give them all a show. Along with the weather being nice, the waves were a contestable 2-3ft. Click here for more, http://vol.cm/QDnEA3 PRO-AM 1. Balaram Stack $1000.00 2. PJ Raia 3. Micheal Ciaramella 4. Pat Schmidt 5. Tyler Redy JUNIORS 1. Perry Siganos 2. Andrew Rooney 3. Jay Christenson 4. Sean Taylor 5. Avery Mellenger 6. Cooper Fortney GROMS 1. Andrew Rose 2. Micheal Vanaman 3. Simon Hetriak 4. Pat Taylor 5. Keaton Fortney 6. Jude Clarke SQUIDS 1. Kyle Tester 2. Matthew Vanaman 3. Casey Klaherby 4. Dylan Kronseder GIRLS 1. Jill Kepich 2. Maddie Peterson 3. Emily Ruppert 4. Anna Mae Peterson 5. Rae Rae Engle 6. Tyler Berlaut ELECTRIC VOLT THROWER Andrew Rose $100.00 Music Provided by: Dirty Fences "Sid" Volcoment.com


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