Chasing Mavericks--Gonna See It?

Posted: Oct 05,2012 Written by 

Chasing Maverics Pic

So, are you gonna rush to the theatre or let this one pass?

Jay was an incredible big-wave surfer who pushed the limits at Mavericks when he was a sprite 16 year old. The poster above is a re-enactment of an infamous wipe-out he had where the wind stalled his drop on a 25ft bomb, held him up in the air in a gut-wrenching iron cross for several seconds and then let him drop.  It's still the stuff of nightmares even after decades of Greg Long and Twiggy shattering the limits of big waves.

Moriarity was as famous for big wave exploits as he was for being a gentleman to those around him on land and even in the hardcore line-ups of Santa Cruz.  He was an inspiration to all who were fortunate enough to meet him personally or just track his exploits online and in the mags. Not wanting to be a spoiler, I'll leave the rest of his story to the movie.

But I am bracing for this one...Like most Hollywood movies, I'm afraid that the depiction of him will be laughable...corny at best. I've seen the trailer and found myself wincing a few times, but feel that it's not a long enough piece to make a judgement. The one thing I'm holding onto is that the big wave community was heavily involved in the making of the film and I'm praying that their input overrode Hollywood's financial decisions. At the very least, Hollywood owes it to Jay to do him a service, but we all know they don't worry about such things.

So, are you going to go see it?


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