D-Bags of the Month

Posted: Jul 21,2013 Written by 

Here's the scenario. Yesterday, I'm surfing with a buddy on a lonely stretch of coast with not another surfer in sight.  There are several breaks within view and while none are great, a few are fun. All's good for about an hour or so until four guys in two cars pulls up and decides that the break we are surfing is apparently the ONLY one for miles. All four guys-2 surfers (both of whom sucked) and 2 SUP'ers--pile out and proceed to paddle directly out to where we are sitting.

Frankly, I was dumbfounded at their complete stupidity and lack of surf etiquette. At the least, you don't triple the crowd you rolled up too and you don't bring SUP'ers to surf the same break as surfers.  I guess this crap is to be expected given the time of year, but there's just no excuse.

So, were you those jackasses yesterday?  If the answer is YES, then congratulations on your award. If it's NO, then don't be a jackass.