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General Q & A

Q:  What is available at TheSurfersView.com?

A:  Besides the epic surf reports, forecasts, webcams, videos, pictures, and much more... TheSurfersView.com also has opened the brand new SurfCycler and focuses on the fishing scene as well, with the NJ Fish Count.  We have what NJ has been missing!!!

Q:  What are the recommended browsers to view our site and live web cams?

A:   We strongly recommend the following: Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 , Internet Explorer 9 , and Safari 5   ...Also, if you suddenly are experiencing an issue and can't see a cam. Press Ctrl+F5 at same time to clear your cache.
Q:  What software is recommended?

A:   You might need a to update your computer with the following software updates. All the links below are to reputable companies and websites:


Q:  Is it possible my Anti-Virus Software is blocking the cams from loading?

Yes.  Check your computer's Anti-Virus software to make sure that it is not blocking the cams from loading. You may have to add TheSufersView.com to your list of trusted websites. If you have an ad-blocker program running on your computer, be sure that it is set to allow ads from TheSurfersView.com.

Q:  Why am I getting frequent buffering while viewing the cams?

This happens rarely, but can be due to a poor wireless signal.  I found that if hit the refresh button on your browser.... this should pick up a fresh stream.

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